Name Availability, Name Reservation | California Secretary of State

Name availability/Name reservations

Get a response and reservation in 15 minutes! Call SOS Filings today at (916) 947-FILE for the availability and reservation of your business entity name from the California Secretary of State office.

When you want to reserve a business name don't wait for a response in the mail. SOS Filings has a direct account with the California Secretary of State that allows us to get you a response to your name availability inquiry and to reserve that name for you in only 15 minutes!

  • Name check fee:$20 (includes SOS fee)
  • Corporate name reservation fee: $30 (includes SOS fees)
  • LLC name reservation fee*: $30 (includes SOS fees)
We encourage every new business owner to do a preliminary search at the Secretary of State's website here. While this search is not 100% accurate, it will give you a general idea of how many existing business entities have a similar name.

* Effective January 1st, 2014 the California Secretary of State no longer offers LLC name reservations over the phone. We can still check a name's availability, but all LLC reservations must now be made either in person or by mail.