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  • Business Entity Filings at the California Secretary of State

    by admin AB | May 21, 2014
    SOS Filings Inc. is a premiere full service filing company that processes daily submissions to multiple departments at the California Secretary of State. Our staff specializes in Business Entity Filings-- including Formations, Conversions, Amendments, Statements of Information, Records Requests and Certificates of Status--for domestic and foreign Corporations, LLCs, LPs, GPs, and Non-Profits. All orders received by our office are prepared in-house and submitted to the State within one business day. Those submitted before noon receive a courtesy review by our staff and all orders received before 2PM (PST) will be submitted to the SOS the same afternoon.
    Many corporate filings also include an option for expedited State processing. This incurs additional State fees, but provides a guaranteed 24hour State processing time. Expedited filings also receive an emailed scan of their filed documents as soon as the State returns them to us before we mail the originals.

    Visit our FAQ section for more information or contact us:
    (916) 947-3453
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  • Take advantage of current processing times

    by admin AB | May 14, 2014
    The Secretary of State no longer has a 6 week backlog as they have had in previous years. Their estimated processing time for standard orders is currently averaging just under a week for most filings. To take advantage of the State's current processing time, have your filing submitted today by visiting our Get It Filed page.
    You can check the current processing times for previously submitted filings here.

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    (916) 947-3453
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  • More than formations...

    by admin AB | May 07, 2014
    SOS Filings Inc. services all four public counters at the California Secretary of State's offices in Sacramento. This includes Statements of Information, Records & Certificate Requests, Aposille, and Corporate Filings.
    In addition to entity formations, we also process filing requests for Amendments, Mergers, Conversions, and Corporate Dissolution for LLCs, Non-Profits, Corporation, Partnerships and Associations.


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