Filings Services In California

About us

What We Do:

SOS Filings is a service company that specializes in business startups and filings with the California Secretary of State’s Office. Based in the greater Sacramento area, our staff visits four different departments at the Secretary of State’s Office daily, including the Corporate Filings and Information & Records counters.

We file Articles of Organization/Incorporation, Statements of Information, Certificates of Good Standing and other Records Requests on our clients’ behalf on a regular basis. We also have a direct account with the Secretary of State’s Name Availability department that allows us to check whether your desired company name is available and if so, reserve that name for you.

Our business formation services facilitate the startup of your new company. Whether you wish to organize an LLC or Corporation our staff will guide you through the entire process—from selecting an entity name and filing your Articles, to providing you with samples of minutes to hold your first official meeting.

How It Works:

If you’re looking to start a business, click on our Business Formation tab and select the package that’s right for you. Once you click “buy now” we’ll send you a form to collect the information we need to start the process.

If you’re more interested in help with our individual services, click the Get it Filed tab and let us know what we can assist you with.

Once our office receives your order, one of our staff will prepare the necessary paperwork and call to discuss your fees and processing time. If we receive your order before 2p.m. we’ll file it at the Secretary of State’s office that same day. When we pick up your documents we'll send the originals to you via U.S. Mail, and for expedited or business formation orders we'll scan your certified documents and email them to you.

Our Privacy Policy:

SOS Filings Inc. understands the importance of protecting our clients' personal information and respecting their privacy. We request only the personal, contact and financial information that is necessary to complete the services our clients request. Your information will only be shared within the offices of our affiliate companies and as required by the State. We never sell or disclose any information to advertisers or other third parties.

Who We Are:



SOS Filings President Steven works tirelessly to help you cross your t's and dot your i's to get your documents filed by the Secretary of State's office the first time through.  Please understand that despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee a filing's success, as approval is ultimately determined by the Secretary of State's Filings Examiners.